How To Earn Money From PLR & Where To Sell PLR

What is PLR exactly?

Does it stand for private label rights? If you’re unfamiliar with that what that means I’m going to go through exactly what it is and how you can use it as early As today on a big bold claim in your business. I’ll see you guys on the inside What is PLR Great question. It stands for private label rights. Now. What does that mean? Exactly?

It’s basic products that have already been created and someone’s selling the rights to use that information Those products as your own and you can rebrand them a lot of the time you can sell them You can package them You do all sorts of crazy stuff with them which is why they’re kind of cool now as you can imagine Because the Internet’s been around for You know a little while and it’s clearly not quite the fad that they once thought it was going to be There’s been I mean, I was almost gonna say Millions.

It’s gonna be thousands of these products out there Some of them are just absolutely rubbish some of them offers some superb quality some of them you basically can just pretty much take them as they are and repackage them as your own and start selling them on a number of different places like Mauro plus or JB Zhu or What I’m going to go through which is two of my favourite sites, and hopefully you guys will like those as well anyway, what you can do with PLA and one of the things I do like about it is Instead of just taking it from the box and going. Okay. Great.

This is what we’ve got Let’s just repackage that and start selling what you can do is kind of alter it a little bit and make it better So if you see something that you think it could be improved you can actually turn that into your own digital Product now a little example. I’m gonna go through this is the one that I use which is a big product store I’m gonna leave a link below for that. You can actually sign up for a free account There is an upgrade if you choose to go through that as well, which is what I’ve got So look at all these products. I mean, these are relatively recently Introduced into the market as well. So, you know that they’re kind of fresh, but here’s the one that I was actually looking at earlier Leveraging Kindle There’s actually two that stand out here. So it’s basically why I mean all of these realistically now the reason why is because Basically master resells rights and means that you can pretty much repackage it as your own whereas with this one you can basically just sell it as is now one of the great things about PLR is that Because the product and the information are already there.

All you need to do is reframe that information. So looking at the profiting from Kindle made easy Let’s just have a look at that for a quick second Fingers crossed it is what I think it is And what we want to do have a bit of a squeeze So one of the things you’ll find is you’d be a little bit vague, sometimes you’re looking at these things and it looks like a Product in eBook and then it turns out that it’s actually a video and you don’t actually know until you download it That’s one of the little one Little flaws of this particular thing. Okay, Bree. So, Roy, it’s concluded with the sales page. Okay. Now, this is absolutely ideal In fact, please. Don’t copy me. I think I’m probably going to launch this as my own product as well now You’re welcome to let’s all do it. See if we can all make a buck All right. So what is this exactly now?

What we’re looking at here Low resale rights you did it at our great eBook Fantastic. Okay, so it’s an e-book with its own sales page now Why is this awesome because with an e-book is just an e-book. It is just a PDF I don’t know how big the PDF is I don’t know how many pages I don’t know how good the content is anything like that? But we can assume that it’s if it’s on a site like this then it probably has something merit to it There’s probably some I guess legitimacy to it. So what we can do is download that we can read through the PDF his work is really superb we can actually Repackage the information as our own now I know it says resell rights, which means basically you can take it as is and sell that as it is Which is fine, you can actually make it a little bit better. So what I mean by that is I can go into this I can then Record videos, so it’ll obviously have chapters.

I can then basically pretty much verbatim record a video of Each chapter and have that is the upsell So for example, I might have if I’m putting this on any of the roots of the platform for that matter But say Warrior Plus for argument’s sake I basically have that product up there. I will Have the front end which is just the actual ebook I will then have an upsell to the video cause because people obviously like having videos there as well and in doing so Basically, you make some cash nice and easy Yeah You can also get affiliates involved who will then promote the product for you meaning that you can boost that you also grow a buyer’s List so which is obviously pretty cool There’s a couple of other things you can do and also with the sales page because it already exists All you need to do is upload that put that on to wherever you choose hosted on your own hosting account or if you like me I use like builder all or Clickfunnels lead pages, you know all those types of builders that are out there.

You basically just host it on one of those or your own hosting account and that’s it Nice and easy now if you don’t want to go through all that rigmarole, you just want to start basically selling the actual product I’ve got a little kind of hack for you guys there as well Now what I’m gonna do, I’m just gonna change tabs. Hopefully, that comes with me and does change tabs sometimes I have a few issues with my recording software BOM that works Okay now right I actually have used something called self ID or selfie selfie selfie I think it’s called SEL if you you let you figure that one out com Now what you can do is actually create your own store and it’s free to do so there is an upgrade option as a lot of these Places operate which is fine.

They do take a cut of your whatever money you do make which again is fine because it’s usually only cut per cent and in reality, Once you’ve actually uploaded that product anything you make from this is going to be passive income just gonna just that sorry folks There we go can see the top of my weird head So in this case, if you just have a look at these Products here These are all the ones that I’ve actually uploaded to this and on the right-hand side You can see how much I’m trying to sell them for now. This is great because it provides passive income I put these up some of them years ago and I still get a whole bunch of visitors.

I still get the occasional sale I don’t really do much with this whole thing at all. In fact, ever This is probably the first time I’ve logged in and maybe a year I guess but you know every now and then I’ll just get a notification saying I’ve made an extra couple of bucks here or You know, here we go three bucks here four bucks five bucks, whatever the case may be Which is really cool And basically in doing so means that I’m not doing anything for them uploaded them I’ve created a bit of a sales blurb for each product and I’m kind of selling them which is ideal Now you do need to make sure when you are selling PLR items that You are actually allowed to there’s a little text file with those of you refer back to big product store which like I say link Below if you’re interested There’ll be a text file and say what you can and can’t do with it So obviously if you do need to adhere to that Otherwise you’re infringing on copyright, and I know for a couple of dollar product.

You think it was not really a big deal Yes it you’re right. It’s not but overall, if everyone’s doing that then you know It’s the Internet. Right? Right, so I can say I’ve just uploaded all these things. I thought they might be relevant to different demographics out there And also they quite keyword-rich a lot of them as well plus a sales page of just not copied But I’ve pretty much dragged the essence of some of the sales pages over to then update those on the actual store itself now That’s one thing you can do like to say that selfie again I am gonna leave a link below.

You can register a free store or just individual products as you choose Completely up to you and obviously I’m on a legacy plan so you can upgrade if you choose to I Haven’t bothered to be perfectly fair. Now the other thing I did want to Just cover real quick as well. And again, this is where you can repurpose some of these things is another site Which is called you to me Not to be confused with udemy which is the solo ad sales Thing I think I’ve covered that before. But anyway Now just well, I’m on here.

I just noticed something kind of cool is popped up here Which is I use swag bucks and Ebates now I have hopped on about Ebates and how great it is because you’re saving money as you’re shopping So in this case if I was to buy one of the courses and they’ve got probably hundreds of thousands by now I’m not too sure but many many courses on udemy I can get eight per cent cashback for doing nothing So, you know who doesn’t like cashback? So if I’m buying a course for 15 20 bucks, then you know, it’s not going to be a huge amount. Of course But everything adds up it’s saving money while you’re shopping on things that you buy anyway And a lot of the time this actually applies over and above any Any sales that are already on so you’re actually saving twice if that makes sense and you get cashback into your account Same thing with swag bucks. Now the reason why I like having these two as Browser notifications are because sometimes you’ll find Ebates might say six per cent cashback swag bucks.

Mike says eight per cent cashback So obviously that they cut it obviously in competition with each other, but you can choose which one you want to go with and start making money by doing that Well saving them you’re shopping at least anyway, but these are things you’re gonna buy anyway, right so with that, you know me Same sort of thing. Now. You really want to make sure that you do repackage the Paylor items you can’t just put them up Your word for word as you might with some of the other things that are out there But in doing so you really need to go through and that they’re all video courses on udemy as well But you can have things like taking snippets from the actual PDFs that you’re using in order to basically Back up what you’re saying in your videos things like that But that’s the two sites that I think you can use anyone can use. So one was a cellphone selfie.

I still don’t know how to You don’t need to change anything. I mean, of course, you’re better off if you do because you’re improving the product as you go along now, of course, I haven’t even covered warrior plus and Jvzoo, which again jvzoo? You can more or less just put that product straight on there Have it upsell to the videos and like I say it will take a little bit of work But you are creating your own digital product. You’re increasing your brand awareness You’re basically making money for every sale you’re building a buyer’s list. So people that buy things from you They’re more likely to buy from you again and not even necessarily your own product You can then start promoting things as an affiliate And in doing so because you have that reports and because you’ve provided value to your audience It’s likely that they were more likely that they will take an action rather than someone who’s just randomly Jumped onto your email list, right?

So anyway, that’s it. That’s how you can basically get started with PLR I know I have already covered this I just want to go over it add another couple of techniques to it And I think with these you probably make a good couple of hundred bucks a day just from doing that And of course, it is gonna take some work. I’m not saying that it’s not everything online. It’s going to take some work I don’t care what these, you know marketing. Gurus say, you know, I don’t really think there’s any push-button software out there I’m prepared to be wrong on that if you could to find one but as far as I’ve seen no, there’s not Anyway, that’s it. That’s all I wanted to cover.

This is PLR private label rights jump on it Have a look at a big product store. Click the link below register for a free account jump on a cell phone or selfie whatever manner That’s also free and obviously you can upgrade if you choose to as well And last but not least.

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