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Why YouTube is the best place for Influencer marketing now to give you a little bit of a background what?

Influencer marketing is it’s becoming pretty massive these days What it is where you pay someone with an engaged following to promote a product or an offer so most people think of Instagram when they think of influencer marketing but in reality I kind of think it sucks for influencer marketing by comparison because Think of it this way you usually pay for a shout out and sometimes it can only stay there for like half an hour Sometimes only stays there for a couple of hours You’re not really getting the full benefit of their entire audience when you’re doing that now.


The other thing is I’m you thinking about say YouTube Basically with YouTube, I mean it’s a permanent asset unless the channel goes bust or they take the video down The channel is going to stay there forever and so means that Basically, you have something that is going to potentially earn your money for quite some time to give you an idea I did a campaign for an affiliate offer would have been in maybe August I think it was or July 2018.


So what arere they have quite a few five months ago something like that? Hopefully, my math is correct. What mid-January now anyway? Basically, I put the video up it got a flurry of sales to start with because they did a great job at promoting this particular offer and what I still notice now is just every now and then I see something on my On thetware I use which attract links and I think okay.


This thing’s still getting clicks That’s pretty cool and sure enough, it does get actual clicks not just robots and stuff and Every now and then it’ll make a sale and I haven’t done any work out I didn’t really do anywhere to start with it as to promote approach this particular influencer and Paid them within three hundred bucks to promote this particular office so a pretty good deal for me, all in all,l, it’s like I say it’s now earning kind of pretty close to passive income even though they’ve done the legwork to do the review of the product It’s worked out pretty well for myself kind of complained anyway they say that’s why I like it as opposed to Instagram which I mean if I’d paid 300 bucks to an influencer I might have Got a flurry of sales to start with but in reality, you know, they’re in control.


They can remove that in fact a lot of them do they don’t want to clutter up their feed with Especially their own content with heaps of ants that I’ll remove the ads all that sort of stuff and you’ll notice that all the time With some of the bigger influences in particular. Anyway, what I’m also going to show you is Basically the results from one influence a campaign that we did on YouTube for a particular client now little caveat Hopefully my little mouse thing works No, it’s decided. Okay, it just kind of off work. So, okay.


Sorry folks There we go, a couple of caveats first of all the website Converts really well already. We already established that it’s roughly between 6 and 8 per cent of cold traffic anyway So we already knew that the ad copy that’s worth of stuff was really on the money anyway It is small but a very established brand they have a whole bunch of testimonials.


They have you know, 5-star rating. They’ve been around for about 20 odd years So we did already know that to start with and last but not least the actual influencer that kept the video that they put together was just phenomenal and even though they didn’t really mean to they just Really sold the hell out of the product and obviously which was a good result for the client.


So basically here’s how the whole thing went down the influence that actually bought the product back in 2009 and I think it was 2018 I think sort of February something like that that They started communicating saying they’ve basically got an audience. They think would be relevant would love to do a review So my client ended up sending a whole bunch of product to the influencer and They’d like to say they did an amazing job of the review video it was just absolutely superb and like I say the products amazing, so what I’m going to show you on the next slide is basically just a little example of how well the Actual website did after then.


This is just off one video whereewhwereeet going to go through have a look at this It’s a little bit hard to see but the actual video went live on the 27th of March so Kind of hard to see on see I can I don’t know if it’s going to let me get that on the big screen don’t know if it Captures it properly when I’m recording. Sorry, Mmm-mmm. Yeah, maybe not huh? No. No, it’s doing something Whether it does what I want it to do is probably the next step Thanks query All right, okay.


Yeah, it’s my fault typical all right, I move my big book here the other way So you guys can see all right. So yeah now here we go Is there another thing there? Here we go. Cool, okay So went live on the 27th of March now to give you a bit of an idea is it again? I apologize a bit hard to see but it was kind of averaging about two and a half K to $3,000 revenue not exactly huge and obviously,t a couple of pretty Poor months of sort of 18 1,500 bucks something like that.


Not exactly great But you know, this site’s relatively passive anyway, so no big deal now This is where it gets really interesting so that revenue so from its average of about two and a half came up to just shy of $10,000 by the way, I’m just I think it was like nine something or other That all happened within or day time frame. So from the 27th to the 31st For days now.


Here’s where it gets really cool. Is that obviously nothing else happened to mark wise all through here at all And then the next month Again, it nearly quadrupled its average revenue and this is still off. Just the one video So this for me, this is why I just absolutely love influencer marketing Because I mean all it took is someone that already loved the product.


Anyway, I must admit they did love the product It was a genuine review. It was a genuine video that they did And it just it couldn’t have gone better, to be honest. So Basically, you know now I guess the steps are just to keep repeating that keep finding influences all that sort of stuff. But so anyway, That why I absolutely love influencer marketing why I think YouTube is the best place to find Influences and why I think it is the future of marketing now, here’s where it gets really cool Is that all those people that came to the website and didn’t buy they are now part of our retargeting audience So now anytime we run a quick ad yeah We can get a few extra sales nice and easy. We can send them an email.


There’s all this stuff They are their part of our sphere of influence. Ah, haha sounds good, right. Anyway, that’s it Hopefully you got some value out of this.

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