How To Build High-Quality SEO Backlinks In 2020

In this article, I am going to tell how you can build high-quality backlinks for your blog or website to rank higher in google. You will need a temporary email so that’s gonna be the very first step we will need a temp email all right. So you can use any temp mail that you would like as you can see here I’ve used a lot of them so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go to the very first link and you can look for these links down below this is a DA 41 link PA 32 with zero spam score so we can go ahead and just sign in we’re going to create an account so here we go alright so once you have signed up for an account and this has multiple accounts to this link that you can go ahead and create.

Now the very first and most obvious a photo now you can choose a photo if you would like that’s completely up to you but for this particular instance we’re going to go ahead and skip over that and we’re gonna go ahead and put that in now alright so after you’re done creating the account you will want to press this button here.

Now you’ll be in your control panel after you’ve created your count so once that’s done we’re going to click on my profile you’ll you will then be brought into this screen so on this screen what we’re gonna do is we’re going to edit the profile we’re gonna go ahead and put our name thanks what’s great about this site is not only are we going to get the profile link but we’re also going to include a signature which will also any posts that we post on it’s going to include it across their site all right that’ll be our signature so what we’ll do is we’ll go ahead and copy this and we’ll go ahead and add that inside of here as well all right.

Once we’re inside of here what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go ahead and add some news so this is where it starts to get a little bit more fun after we’ve created our signature we’ve also created our profile so now we’re gonna go ahead and do this we’re gonna do ann opening page open a new window and insert alright so now we have a do-follow here on the page and we’ll go ahead and send.

We’ll go back over here we’re gonna go to my profile and then as you can see here now we’ve created some news PA 32, DA41 we’ll go here we’ll do no follows our purple follows our green and as you can see here so now we’ve created a contextual and then if you would like to that’s just your news within your profile to do follow da 41 you can also go within theseeseeemall directories where people have posted and the signature that you created that’s contextual will also do-follow try not to spam this too much.

Let’s move on to the next perfect alright so before I get into the Harvard backlink if you have a VPN or if hahhhave havessessesaves setup whatever the case is if you want to create multiple link types within Harvard how I’m going to show you might I suggest that you use this so without any further ado let me hop over here and I will show you this particular page all right.

I want to go ahead andshow you this link type this is as you can see over here in the left hand corner for Harvard University and there arerere two things that you can do here alright first and foremost you will be able to go on others pages and you will be able to write on their page and bring backlinktypes but you can explore this page I’m gonna give you the link to this page but what we’re going to do in this is we’re gonna create an IP-based account and then it’s going to bring USA contextual link so that’s what I’m going to show you but again I’m gonna give you the URL to this page so you can go on here and you can make changes you can do whatever you would like within hereut I’m just gonna show you one way because building out the links is the same for all of these pages alright so this is how it’s done what you’re gonna do is go up here to the very top there are two options talk for this IP or you can click on your IP so once you click on your IP you’ll be brought into this page user with the IP that you’re using again if you’re using a VPN or you’re using a proxy like I am feel free what you’ll then do it over here to the right there is create so you’re going to create a user based off of your IP now once you have done this it’s best to go ahead and juster up some type of content for this tutorial.

I’m just gonna grab this right here alright then we’re gonna come right back over here we’re going to place this inside of here alright so after you’re done adding whichever text you would like maybe put a citation in here all you’ll need to do is click on this external link button it’s going to give you this layout add your link here so we’re just gonna go ahead and put in a link. all right and then where it says link title that is where you’re writing your contextual part so we’re gonna put all right so once that’s done you’ll go down here to the very bottom you will click save the page after you click save the page you will be asked to do some addition to confirm the save.

Alright so we have all right so once we’re done here as you can see here we have created a contextual backlink going back to our sites that it is coming from Harvard backlink it will show in search console.

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