How To Make Money from Freelancing Content Writing 2020

For the past eight years, I’ve been writing for income that means I’ve built a writing agency called Express writers. I’ve written two books so you think you can write, and practical kind of strategy and marketing writing hundreds of blogs to promote myself and my agency creating top read content on guest publications and interviewing hiring and training hundreds of writers my most recent accomplishments were speaking live onstage yes and launching an SEO focused freelance writing course and you can check out the link for that course in the description.


It’s the truth that I found out in the last eight years is that writing for income goes far beyond just knowing how to write well that’s the crooks but there are a lot more things involved so in today’s article I’m going to share with you five key factors that have contributed to my growth with my own self started writing career including tips on how to get started from the ground up how to market yourself the skills you need to learn to make a lot more revenue as a writer marketing tips and more.


So if you’re reading this article and you want to make writing your side hustle or full time living opportunity this article is for you dropped out of college at 19 years old to pursue my passion which was writing so I’m in the last eight years this has been my full-time thing if I can make it happen you can too let’s get into it okay so my first tip is gonna be really simple you need to do a gut check and you need to make sure that you love writing of what you do if this is your side hustle me online income opportunity so if you don’t love writing you’re not gonna love what you do in my experience the best writers come from a place of loving to write this was true for me.


I actually wrote a 200-page novel at age 12 I was filling books with poetry short stories fiction nonfiction does a gut check and make sure that writing it’s one of your favourite things some symptoms of this can include writing as a hobby writing to fill your spare time loving your English classes in high school or college my second tip if you’re serious about this and you want to make this your full-time thingmakingiving writing you need a website so if you want to pull in the best gigs the best clients really commit you to need a site.


I would suggest buying a domain that either is your name or something that would attract your ideal audience my writing agency is Express writers calm and one of the purposes of starting a site is so you can start writing content on your site today I still blog up to two or three times a week on our agency blog at the writing blog so your site and your blog need to become your marketing tool on the writing blog.


I consistently publish content that attracts our to ideal audience typeswhich are either freelancers or a group of marketers and agencies thefreelancers buy the courses and books that I offer and the marketers andagencies are our ideal clients so some of the topics I write on would includehow to build a strong digital content strategy how long should a blog post beproductivity and work-life tips for marketers etc so create a site and starta blog and begin there my third tip this is a good one are you readylearn the skills that add a layer of money-making assets to your writingchops this is huge and it’s actually under utilby a lot of online writers especially those that are just getting started sogood writing is the core but on top of that our skill sets that you can buildto market yourself and tell your clients you’re able to create more strategiccontent that will get them real results online so for example content marketingis an industry that’s currently worth 400 billion dollars and a large part ofthe industry is buying content creation or investing in that in some waybusinesses are hiring paying and outsourcing their content needs but youreally need to know the skills they’re looking for on top of writing.


what are those skills this would include knowing how to build ann online content strategy knowing SEO and how to find great keywords that will attract their ideal audience knowing how content drives growth in terms of brand awareness list building audience growth list building email marketing techniquesFacebook ad copy social media character limits and after six years of spending a lot of time in the consecration industry I built two courses that can really help freelancers maximize this layer of added skill sets that you can add to the knowledge of great writing to attract and help your clients in a better way so you can check those two courses I have out one is a content strategy course it’s very intensive that’s a content strategy course calm and the other one is a simple easy-peasy SEO writing course calm.


okay moving on to number four great writing skills will come with time and practice now here’s where my not so fun writing tip is going to come into play a lot of copywriters will advise you against taking these low-paying jobs you need to go for that higher rates while that’s true I think it’s critical at the beginning to take lower-paying jobs really gets no content to create a lot of content and get better and better and better and then charge that price that you want to go after in all honesty this is how I grew my content writing skills from less than a beginner to in-demand blogger and author.


I wrote hundreds and hundreds of articles in my first year at anywhere from three to five cents a word for locksmiths car dealers hardware companies digital marketers you name it okay let’s wrap up with my fifth tip so number five would be to learn marketing and yes this does tie into our third tip about adding those layers of skill sets to your writing abilities that can boost the revenue of your clients but I specifically mean learn marketing for you as a writer coming on the scene you’re going to have to build your brand you want to apply marketing techniques that will help you be seen and heard and get those leads so don’t be shy put yourself out there.


there are so many ways you can market yourself today one idea would be you could go to conferences with a business card and start conversations with marketers that are looking for content you could also grow your business page on Facebook with articles and really good content you could go to Instagram use writer hashtags look for clients post quality content you could start a YouTube channel create articles you could learn how to beat the LinkedIn algorithm and create an an an n e organic post that will reach your ideal buyer and doesn’t forget to focus on writing your own blog and growing your email list so this list is crazy long but what’s really cool is that as you learn these skills and market yourself you’ll able to create more strategic content for your clients and apply those skills too how you write for them.


I would recommend picking one key thing like building your Facebook page focus on that for a week a month a quarter however much time you have to devote to writing your full-time or part-time thing and then move on to the next thing I hope these five key tips really helped I focused on practical advice that really worked for me and I started at a place that was less than beginner I simply had a love for writing and I pursued that and made a career out of it so I believe that you can too and if you have any questions let me know in the comment.


I’ll be happy to get back to you thanks so much for reading and I hope to see you around so in today’s article my goal is to share with you five key factors the hell.

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